Release Alive Fish


Can be arrange now, please contact Calvin 012-3225333 for more information...TQ


Specially set-up for tourist who are interested to visit Pulau Ketam or fishing. Come and admire the natural beauty of Pulau Ketam!




4, Jalan Merdeka,
42940 Pulau Ketam,
Selangor, Malaysia.
T: (603)3110-5402
F: (603)3110-5402
E: Customer Service
W: greenway2u.com


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Accomodation of Pulau Ketam

GreenWay Fish Farm with Floating Chalets
Contact : 012-3225333 (Calvin), 013-3616668 (Vincent)
Wedsite : www.greenway2u.com
Email : info@greenway2u.com
Fax/Tel : 03-31105402
Address : Lot.4, Jalan Merdeka, Pulau Ketam, Selangor, Malaysia
Introduction : At GreenWay Floating Chalets, you can experience a day of life at sea. For anglers, can also bring their own fish tackle to fish. Customers need to prepare their own meal, kitchen is provided. But if necessary, GreenWay can also co-BBQ or steamboat dinner. This service is free of charge. Rate is from RM15 to RM60 per person.
Note : The greatest difference GreenWay Chalets and motel at Pulau Ketam is, GreenWay Chalets built in the sea about 40 feet deep on the sea, while motel at Pulau Ketam is built on the land.


Pulau Ketam Hotel

Contact : 03-31105206

Address : 1st floor,Chia Association, Pulau Ketam,Selangor

Introduction : Located main street. To restaurants, temples, market just need 2-3 minutes, very convenient. Equipped with air-conditioned rooms, bicycle rental, guided tours. Room rate between RM30-60. (Twin / Triple / QuadFixed)


Contact : 012-2529694

Address : Bagan Teochew, Pulau Ketam,Selangor

Introduction : From village house renovated to motel. Located Bagan Teochew (The End of Pulau Ketam), is specially setup for who like to enjoy quiet environment. Room rate between RM60 per room.


Sea Lion Hotel

Contact : 03-31105122

Address : S3, Jalan Merdeka, Pulau Ketam, Selangor

Introduction : Hotel Sea Lion is located a few steps away from the goverment building area. Featuring a variety rooms of air conditioned, TV, Bathroom, Water Heater and a full range of facilities including BBQ Resting Area.Room rate between RM68-98. (Twin / Triple)